PROFILE ‘She walked into the party like she was walking onto a yacht” are the lyrics to Carly Simon’s classic, You’re so vain.

Jam Squared is an Australian label by Melbourne’s Jodie Szoeke and Melanie Northover, Jodie and Mel = Jam Squared.
These girls love to travel and realized, through experience, its best to have your wardrobe ready to go from beach to bar to dinner to the party, no time to shop when you get there!
Their close friendship, passion for exotic locations and experience in all things beautiful, has culminated in their jet set brand, Jam Squared. This exciting new label reflects the casual chic and affordable style that is fast taking its place amongst the who’ s who of Australian Designers.
  Jodie and Melanie cant keep up with the demand for their fun, fashionable, but relaxed new brand that was launched last year. The current sell through in-store has gone from strength to strength, proving that this label has the foundations to be the next biggest and brightest in export Australian designers.
Inspired by their travels around the globe each product is named after their favourite beach hangouts: St Barts, Ibiza, St Tropez, Capri, Mexico, Santorini and Rio.
Jam Squared Style is already being recognized for its signature of bright palettes in classic styles. Fabulous and fun, colour and detail deliver casual elegance in that “I just stepped off a yacht in Sicily” way at an affordable price.
  Jodie’s artistic upbringing and influences led her to a career in fashion, interior design, textiles and print- making. Melanie’s background is extensive in both the fashion and beauty industries. She founded women’s wear label, Citizen Shane, and ran a vintage designer-label private showroom.
Jam Squared is set to release their Spring 18/19 range “Its Always Summer Somewhere” this August. Already showcasing their range in 80 outlets nationally & Internationally; the summer range will include beach to bar sandals, dresses and accessories.
  Already boasting a loyal following of Australian and International actors and rock stars (just happened to be Kate Perry’s favourite label on her recent Australian tour) and fashionistas are eagerly awaiting the launch of their online store in September.
  Don’t miss the boat on this label. If you love global glamour mixed with effortless chic, this is definitely about you!
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